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Trailer Watch: Guy Pearce in Luc Besson’s Lockout (updated with official trailer and stupid new title)

Luc Besson’s recent-ish productions are very hit and miss, ranging from brainless fun (District B13, Unleashed, Taken) to brainless drivel (Transporter 2 & 3).

Lockout, his upcoming science fiction flick starring Guy Pearce, Peter Stormare, and Maggie Grace looks like it could go either way, but I like Pearce (and this trailer) well enough to give it a chance when it comes out. Look for around on April 20, 2012.

UPDATE (12/16): It seems that film has been renamed MS One: Maximum Security… uh, okay. Also, the earlier trailer was an early, leaked version that doesn’t quite reflect the finished film. Here’s a new, official one. Thanks to @Vanderlow58 for the heads up!

Now that we know a little more about the plot, I’m cringing a little (basically a ripoff of Escape from New York) but Besson has never been terribly strong with plot. So whatever.

8 Responses to “Trailer Watch: Guy Pearce in Luc Besson’s Lockout (updated with official trailer and stupid new title)”

  1. Really like how the show you who is in the movie in between Pearce crackin wise and getting punched in the face. Looks like it will be a fun scifi crime thriller. Don’t have enough of them these days

    • Rick Evans says:

      Well, you’re getting your wish what with the re-make of Total Recall coming out. Two is better than zero, right?

      • I dunno about that. If the remake of Recall is closer to the short story, they could do some interesting stuff. If they just try to copy Verhoeven, it will be a steamy mess.

        • I haven’t read the short story, but I’ve always felt that adapting a book/story again is different from a remake. The source material is the book, not the movie/screenplay.

          Readaptations often have worth — especially when they shit all over the source material the first time around.

          Remakes rarely do. (The Departed being one of the notable times that it was worthwhile.)

  2. Rick Evans says:

    Looks pretty cool. The one thing that would have made it extra awesome for me is if the entire interrogation scene was filmed for the trailer. I’m still waiting for someone to do a trailer that has trailer-only bits (excepting the old Lilo&Stitch trailers; that was cool but animation doesn’t count)

  3. I’d rather have this than a straight up remake of ‘Escape from New York’.

    Pearce looks to be playing it as more of the jokey reluctant hero as opposed to the silent bad ass reluctant hero from the Escape movies.

    It can’t be worse than ‘Escape From LA’

    • I never saw Escape from LA. I wasn’t too big on NY, to be honest. It aged poorly, I think, but I may have been expecting too much, since I saw it shortly after seeing The Thing for the first time this summer, which is, y’know a masterpiece.

      • Yeah, I can see how watching any other Carpenter movie after viewing ‘The Thing’ would be a disappointment.

        LA and NY are almost exactly the same movie, only LA has Steve Buscemi, Bruce Campbell, and very shitty 1996 computer effects.

        A lot of Carpenters work is not that great, but have a good ‘Saturday Afternoon’ charm to them.