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Multiplex #648: Mortal Combat, Part 1 inks

Most of you have read this comic already, but here are the inks for the strip posted on Thursday (which is still not done):

Multiplex #648 inks

For a little side-by-side (er, top-by-bottom?), you can see the pencils, as well, after the jump:

Multiplex #648 pencils

7 Responses to “Multiplex #648: Mortal Combat, Part 1 inks”

  1. Seth says:

    What happened to the blood? Isn’t that supposed to be all-black?

    • If you look reeeeaal close at the earlier strips, it’s not black — just really really really dark gray.

      • Seth says:

        I was about to ask if then shouldn’t it be black rather than white, but then I saw your comment about it still not being done, so I’m guessing shades of grey are going to be added later.

  2. David says:

    Would people please stop using the phrase “After the jump”