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Archive for April 11th, 2012


12 hours to go in the Book 2 Kickstarter project!

Multiplex: There and Back Again Lightning Round has met (and surpassed) its secondary funding goal of $17,500! Thank you to everybody who has pledged so far and made the Book 2 Kickstarter even more successful — both in terms of number of backers and money raised — than the Book 1 Kickstarter! Many readers (and a few reviews) commented on the production quality and design of Multiplex: Enjoy Your Show, and the extra time and money I can spend on Book 2 will help me ensure that this one turns out even better.

The next (tertiary?) funding goal is the following — with about 12 hours left in the funding period, it’s a bit of a long shot at this point, but I thought I’d dangle that carrot here anyway…

$20,000 — eBooks will be produced in both PDF and ePub format. All backers [with eBooks included in their reward packs] will be get both formats (or just one, if you want). Also, backers at the $100 Reward Level and up will get their Chapter 1–10 eBooks delivered on a USB key along with their other pledge rewards.

While I will be opening up for PayPal donations soon, the USB key is only for Kickstarter backers, since I’ll need to start costing the custom production ASAP (the keys will have the Multiplex logo printed on them). It is off the table after the Kickstarter funding period ends tonight at midnight.