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Trailer Watch: Japanese Gatchaman trailer

Battle of the Planets was one of those things that I would talk about in my teens and everybody would look at me like I was making shit up. (“Birds…? Riiiiight.”) Now, everybody’s all “oh yeah, I totally watched that when I was a kid,” and I think they’re all a bunch of big, fat liars.


Toya Sato’s live action Gatchaman has another trailer out, and while I don’t understand any of it on account of only retaining about twenty words of Japanese from the classes I took in college, it looks… well, okay, it looks kind of bad. But it also looks awesome!

The movie stars some people I’ve never heard of (Tori Matsuzaka, Gō Ayano, Ayame Gouriki, Tatsuomi Hamada, and Ryohei Suzuki) and comes out in Japan on August 24th. It will probably not make it to the U.S. until its DVD release, so unless you live in the Land of the Rising Sun, don’t hold your breath just yet.

via @gmskarka by way of John Rogers

8 Responses to “Trailer Watch: Japanese Gatchaman trailer”

  1. Knuckles says:

    “Bump of Chicken”?

    • Gordon McAlpin says:

      Weird, right? That’s a reallly weird band or song name, whatever it is. (Recent Japanese trailers do that with pop songs sometimes — actually credit the band on-screen during a trailer, as opposed to only at the very end as I’ve seen in a few American trailers.)

      • Robaato says:

        It’s a band name. They’ve been around for years. The word they were going for should’ve been “goosebumps”.

  2. Erald06 says:

    The only well known is Tori Matsuzaka who plays as Ken Washio in the movie. He played as the Red Ranger in the Japanese Sentai Shinkenger.

  3. j_1_m says:

    I’m still disappointed that the Imagi CG version of this film fell through.

    • Gordon McAlpin says:

      You and me both. TMNT and Astro Boy were a lot of fun, and I thought they were headed for great things as a studio.

  4. Sarah M says:

    I remember watching bits of the cartoon. It was the kind of thing they’d show really late at night, along with Ulysses31 and Jayce and the Wheel Warriors.

    This looks like it might be kinda fun.

  5. Mike Stevens says:

    Sheeeeiiii… I reckon this looks great. Sure, it looks cheesy and silly, but I’m okay with that. The budget would have been a little limited (compared to Hollywood), but they obviously wanted it to have an aesthetic closer to the cartoon rather than the ‘more realistic’ approach that Hollywood adaptations try to hit.

    I’m on-board.