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Trailer Watch: Alfonso Cuáron’s Gravity theatrical trailer

We got three intense single-take teaser trailers for Alfonso Cuáron’s Gravity back in July, and now, finally, we have a full, theatrical trailer. As I had hoped/expected, it shows us some glimpses of what else is to come — hints that we have no idea what this story is really about. And I love it.

Gravity hits theaters on October 4th.

8 Responses to “Trailer Watch: Alfonso Cuáron’s Gravity theatrical trailer”

  1. MelSkunk says:

    Ah, all I can think of is “Crap, it’s Kessler Syndrome time”

  2. Schmucker says:

    Let’s put the woman in distress and make a movie around it because, you know, feminism.

    • Gordon McAlpin says:

      She’s the main character, for God’s sake. The whole woman-in-distress bit only applies when the poor weak woman needs a big strong man to rescue her.
      If you’d switched their roles, you would have the just-as-tired trope of the women only existing to help the male lead (and probably die).

  3. vreejack says:

    I’ve probably been all over this scenario so much that it just looks boring to me now. But I suppose it could not be any less exciting than _Marooned_. That is probably a mathematical certainty.

  4. OpposingVue says:

    Oh come on! It’s “Open Water” minus the sharks but plus an agoraphobia meter set to 11,000! As a bonus, while you theoretically could have swum towards shore in OW, heading directly towards land in this case would be a Very Bad Thing.

  5. alxqnn says:

    It’s pretty much the scene from 2001 where {SPOILER!} Frank’s tether is cut by HAL, and Frank is drifting through space, but dragged out into a full movie, and I absolutely love it.

    • vreejack says:

      I hadn’t realized that was how it happened. There was a scene cut, and I assumed that Frank had been beaten by those mechanical arms or something. But if he was on a tether with no propulsion then he was adrift. But Dave went to get him right away, and he was already unconscious or dead, so Frank had either been knocked unconscious or had lost air pressure. In the end I suppose it does not matter, as HAL was trying to kill Frank, and Dave wound up having to abandon the body in order to get back inside.
      It might be said that the exact nature of Frank’s death is dramatically irrelevant when compared to Dave’s ensuing adventure.

  6. Matthew Feeney says:

    Why are Jason and Kurt so awe struck? Was Insidious Part Deux good or something?