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Trailer Watch: C.O.G. (based on a story by David Sedaris)

This first film adaptation of a David Sedaris story stars Jonathan Groff as Sedaris, “a young man who plans a summer in the Northwest with his friend Jennifer (Troian Bellisario), working on a farm. But when Jennifer unexpectedly bails on him, David is left to dirty his hands alone and jump into a series of misadventures that will take him to unfamiliar — and hilariously uncomfortable — places.”

The dialogue sounds smart, and the depiction of the yokels looks like it’s steering clear of both making fun of cliché dumb hicks and mythologizing rural America. The film is out now in (very) limited release; no idea when or if it will expand.

6 Responses to “Trailer Watch: C.O.G. (based on a story by David Sedaris)”

  1. JasonMBryant says:

    That looked good. I like that it didn’t seem to simplify things. He’s smart, but also a bit of a jackass and gets called on it. He’s realizing that there are things he took for granted (like fruit and the work it takes to get it to the store), but he’s not trying to force some kind of poetic symbolism on that.

    Life only gets more confusing as we grow up. Judging from this trailer, we’re getting a coming-of-age-movie that’s about that, instead of making growing up into yet another sex romp.

  2. Kevin Saunders says:

    It’s also available to buy or rent on itunes. I have’t done so, but might.

  3. Francesca M says:

    Looks sweet. Also glad it got Amy some work :)

  4. JoshuaTaylor says:

    im going to have to watch this. my dad might like it.

  5. Ryan bBond says:

    It looks very cute. Oregon is my state so I’m curious as to how it’s portrayed and David Sedaris is very very funny.