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The Chapter 6 eBook is now available for pre-order!

I spoke a little too soon yesterday. Last night, I got a bug up my hind end and cranked out the rest of the revised Chapter eBooks, so the revised edition of Chapters 1–5 are now available through the Multiplex Store at their new price of $1.49 apiece (or $5.95 for the set). As I mentioned yesterday, if you’ve already purchased the Chapter 1–5 set (and yes, this includes people who got them for “free” by backing the Multiplex: Enjoy Your Show Kickstarter project!), you can simply re-download them from your Multiplex Store’s Accounts / Downloads page to get the revised editions. While there’s no new content, there is a new introduction to the Chapter 1 eBook (explaining why I made the revised edition), and there are some corrections — mostly typos and small artistic/continuity errors that snuck into the previous editions and even the print book.


I’ve also created Chapter pages for the new eBooks — as well as the upcoming Chapter 6 eBook, which is now available for pre-order! It should arrive in early October (if not sooner). I have one last bonus comic to create for it, and a few finishing touches to one of the “extended scenes,” so it won’t be long now.

The Chapter 6 eBook collects strips #103–121 from the Multiplex archives, plus six bonus comics (a few of which first appeared at the Deleted Scenes blog) — all for only $1.49. Meet the Flickhead video gang for the first time all over again, and watch Jason make an ass out of himself… oh, wait. That’s pretty much all the time, isn’t it?

Anyway. If you’re one of those Multiplex fans eager to see the Book 2 print collection come out sooner or later, please get the Chapter eBooks. The revenue from the eBooks enables me to get the bonus material for the print collections done — so even if you’re not all that interest in the eBook format, they’re a great way to help speed up the production of the print collections!

And, you won’t be spoiling the printed book completely, since — like Multiplex: Enjoy Your Show (Book 1) — there will be even more bonus comics exclusive to the print book. Unlike Book 1, however, the exclusive comics in Book 2 won’t be a single story, but several strips spread throughout the book. I feel like the arc in Book 2 is a lot stronger than Book 1’s, since it centers around Becky & Jay and that period where Jason quit the Multiplex 10, so there wasn’t really a need to include a new, longer story, like there was in Book 1, and will be in Books 3 and 4 (which I think will revolve around Brian and James, respectively).

Multiplex #107 1/2: Christmas Cheer

Finally getting back into the swing of things and back to work on Book 2. There have been more than a few moving-related headaches in the last month, which I won’t get into here, but I’ve had less time than you would expect of a barely-employed (for the last month!) freelancer.

Anyway, this strip takes place before Multiplex #108 from the archives (which of course lead into another bonus comic that I’ve posted already). A little note for Jane Austen fans (and Becky/Jason hopefuls): Jason’s line in panel 3 is a quote from the Ang Lee/Emma Thompson Sense & Sensibility, which Becky just-so-happens to be watching in the other bonus comic.


Multiplex #115 1/3: Wish You Weren’t Here

This is the first of two bonus comics that follow Multiplex #115 in the Chapter 6 eBook — and the Book 2 print collection, eventually — this time adding a little to the tail end of the Multiplex 10’s New Year’s 2007 party. (The New Year’s arc started here, if you want to refresh your memory of the whole arc.)

I noticed that around this time in the archives, Gretchen had sort of disappeared, so to help her prominence late in Book 2 feel a little more natural when you read it in the collection, I need to give the red-headed she-devil a little more screen time in the earlier chapters.

The next bonus comic will either go up on Wednesday or Thursday this week, depending on how many regular Multiplex updates I can crank out. It will continue from this one, hence the “1/3” instead of my usual “1/2” for bonus comics. I’ve got five more bonus comics for Chapter 6 left before I can release the eBook… If you’d like to speed up the process for Chapter 6 and/or Book 2, please make a donation!


Multiplex #108 1/2: The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I won’t be posting all of the bonus material from the eBooks/print books here, of course — gotta give you some reason to read the collections — but those of you who subscribe to one of the RSS feeds including the Deleted Scenes content or follow me on Twitter can look forward to occasional bonus comics and progress reports on Book 2 here. This is what Deleted Scenes was meant for!

It’ll be a while longer before Chapter 6 is a finished; there will be about 10 pages of bonus material (either bonus comics or extended strips) in it, and about five pages of bonus stuff in each of the other four chapters in Book 2, or about 30 pages in all. There won’t be a standalone story like Book 1’s Prequel this time around.

Anyway. You shouldn’t need to re-read Multiplex #108 again to follow what’s going on here, but even so, this bonus comic from the upcoming Chapter 6 eBook (and Book 2 print collection) doesn’t really stand on its own for a few reasons — it’ll work better in context, I promise. In this bonus strip, it’s Christmas night (or around there), after work, and the gang has just finished watching the horror remake Black Christmas (as seen in #108), as indicated by the movie poster in the background of panel 1. Devi is back in town from college for the holidays, and Jason is up to his usual thing: complaining. Coincidentally, this strip sort of ties in to what’s going on in the strip now with Jason and horror movies.