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Multiplex #107 1/2: Christmas Cheer

Finally getting back into the swing of things and back to work on Book 2. There have been more than a few moving-related headaches in the last month, which I won’t get into here, but I’ve had less time than you would expect of a barely-employed (for the last month!) freelancer.

Anyway, this strip takes place before Multiplex #108 from the archives (which of course lead into another bonus comic that I’ve posted already). A little note for Jane Austen fans (and Becky/Jason hopefuls): Jason’s line in panel 3 is a quote from the Ang Lee/Emma Thompson Sense & Sensibility, which Becky just-so-happens to be watching in the other bonus comic.

For those of you curious about the bigger picture, there will be a grand total of six bonus comics (plus two “extended scenes” — meaning additional panels to old strips) in the Chapter 6 eBook, all but two of which are done. Plus the cover illustration. So I think I’m pretty close to getting that out. “Pretty close” means hopefully within a month, but don’t quote me on that. I never know when a freelance gig will fall in my lap and monopolize all my time.

Book 2, of course, is comprised of Chapters 6–10, as it is in the archives. Each of the Chapter eBooks will have some amount of bonus material, but instead of a longer, exclusive story in Book 2 (like the Prequel story in Multiplex: Enjoy Your Show), there will just be 8–12 more bonus comics — exclusive to the print collection — spread throughout the chapters. So you’ll still have some incentive to buy the book instead of, or in addition to, the eBooks.

Stay tuned! I’ll let you know when the Chapter 6 eBook is available at the Multiplex Store.

2 Responses to “Multiplex #107 1/2: Christmas Cheer”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Jason’s last line is a little confusing. “…an hour before the last movie drops and they can start the movie”? Huh? Is “drops” industry jargon or something?

    • What he means is that the movie has ended (as in completely ended, even the credits and such). I’m reasonably sure I got that term from my Willow Knolls 14 “research” days. I’ll double check that, but a little re-wording might be in order, too.