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Franklin Explains EVE Online

In this Kickstarter backer comic for Chase Davis, Jason and Becky have decided to let Franklin teach them how to play EVE Online, a science fiction MMO that I was addicted to for the better part of two months about a year ago. It’s such an amazingly deep game that it’s all but impossible to sum up in only one page, so I had to cut out massive swaths of dialog until you get what you see here. But people familiar with the game will understand what they’re talking about. And hopefully some of the rest of you will, too.

This is probably the last of the Kickstarter backer comics I’ll be sharing here. The others have requested their strip not be posted online. But there will be other hand-drawn Multiplex comics coming… sooner or later. This is what Deleted Scenes is all about.

4 Responses to “Franklin Explains EVE Online”

  1. Tedium and intricate rules… of course there’s a fanbase for it. How else would you explain the success of Gary Gygax?

    (yes, I am prepared to get ripped by D&D players)

  2. “You can’t just hop in a frig and go pop rats or PVP.”

    Yeah you can! You just get ganked and podded as soon as you get into lowsec, like my poor first Tristan :(

  3. Chase Davis says:

    Hope people like my request, i sure love the way it is portrayed here. Sorry to here that jeremy, and hey started with D&D (still play tabletop just Pathfinder now) so got table top for weekends and EVE uh….. daily to monthly depending on skills learning and real world activity.

  4. That’s what Franklin meant by it. :)